Galatasaray: A distinctive past of more than 500 years in education and training


Galatasaray University is heir to the centuries-old traditions of Galatasaray Lisesi which was established by Sultan Beyazıd II in 1481 as the Galata Sarayı Enderun-u Hümayunu (Galata Palace Imperial School). The imperial school started in the same premises of the present Galatasaray High School with the mission of training civil servants for various ranks in the state administration. In 1868, Galatasaray adopted the French model by the order of Sultan Abdulaziz, the Ottoman emperor who was highly influenced by the French educational institutions.

Galatasaray University is the only Francophone University in Turkey. Courses are taught in Turkish, French and English. The establishment has 5 faculties (Economic and Administrative Sciences, Law, Communications, Natural Sciences and Literature, Engineering and Technology). All of them are ranked among the top schools in Turkey and are very well networked with their French counterparts. Galatasaray University is also an active participant of the European exchange programs; Erasmus and Socrates.

The building which accommodates Galatasaray University was originally the Feriye Palace, a coastal summer palace on the Bosphorus built in 1871.

The university is one of the most important members of the Galatasaray Community as Galatasaray Lisesi and Galatasaray Sports Club.


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