Mission and scope of the Corporate Governance SIG

The Corporate Governance SIG welcomes studies exploring all aspects of corporate governance and boards of directors. Contributions that adopt a wide set of theoretical lenses and research methods are strongly encouraged, as are studies analyzing corporate governance in different types of enterprises and institutional contexts, including different countries and regional cultures.

The Corporate Governance SIG has had a presence at EURAM since 2002 with the ambition to explore corporate governance and boards of directors from a management perspective. Since 2005, the SIG has been developed in collaboration with the European Corporate Governance Group (ECGG) whose aim is to support and develop a European management-related corporate governance community. Aside from the annual meeting, the Corporate Governance SIG offers a number of events throughout the year, including workshops and doctoral events.is to support and develop a European management related corporate governance community. Aside from

Our agenda for EURAM 2013 in Istanbul includes:


10) Corporate Governance General Track invites contributions from all areas related to corporate governance that are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the COGO SIG. Track chairs: Joan Enric Ricart, Alessandro Zattoni, Silke Machold, Pascual Berrone. Contact S.Machold@wlv.ac.uk for any enquiries

11) Behavioral Perspectives on Corporate Governance: Boards of Directors and Worker Participation invites papers that examine boards of directors and their relationships with the firm from a behavioral perspective, i.e., studies exploring the antecedents and consequences of board (non)involvement as well as analyzing boardroom dynamics, processes and structures. Track chairs: Gerwin van der Laan, Annette van den Berg, Olivier van der Brempt, Jonas Gabrielsson, Hans van Ees. Contact G.vdrlaan@tilburguniversity.edu for any enquiries.

12) Family Business Governance (Joint track with Family Business Research) invites papers that provide new insights on structures and processes of governance in family firms, and how these affect outcomes such as family business’ growth, strategy, internationalization and continuity. Track chairs: Donata Mussolino, Wim Voordeckers, Jolien Huybrechts. Contact dmussoli@unina.it for any enquiries.

13) Governance of Public and Nonprofit Organisations track is looking for papers that contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary research agenda investigating characteristics, scope and socio-economic features of different governance systems for public organizations in different social, cultural, political and economic environments. Track chairs: Chris Cornforth, Catherine Farrell, Luca Gnan, Alessandro Hinna, Fabio Monteduro, Gianluca Veronesi, Bram Verschuere. Contact alessandro.hinna@uniroma2.it for any enquiries.

14) Top Management Teams & Business Elites welcomes papers investigating effects and antecedents of TMT and business elites’ characteristics, dynamics and behavior of upper echelons, interactions of top leaders and other executives, and stakeholders and multilevel perspectives. Track chairs: Alessandro Minichilli, Sibel Yamak, Sabine Nielsen, Alejandro Escriba-Esteve. Contact alessandro.minichilli@unibocconi.it for any enquiries.

15) Women on Boards: Antecedents, Dynamics and Consequences of Diverse Board Composition is a cross SIG track with the Gender, Race and Diversity in Organizations SIG and invites papers investigating antecedents, processes, dynamics and consequences/outcomes of the growing presence of women on boards. Track chairs: Katrin Hansen, Patricia Gabaldón, Celia de Anca, Mariateresa Torchia. Contact Mariateresa.Torchia@uni-wh.de for any enquiries.

Other activities at EURAM 2013 will include:

  • A pre-conference session focusing on in the interface and interactions between actors at the apex of organizations – board of directors, TMT members and middle managers.
  • A pre-conference social event
  • Participation in the EURAM doctoral colloquium
  • SIG awards for Best Paper and Best Reviewer
  • Publication of best papers in book
  • A plenary session focusing on development of the SIG
  • Opportunity to publish in special issues of journals: Journal of Management Studies, Corporate Governance: An International Review

Questions about the program can be addressed to the SIG program chair Pascual Berrone on PBerrone@iese.edu.

General EURAM Doctoral Colloquium
Invites PhD-students addressing research problems in the area of Corporate Governance to discuss preliminary and intermediate results with mentors. GENERAL EURAM Doctoral Colloquium takes place prior to the conference – please submit via EURAM - TBC.

Special Issues

The Corporate Governance SIG supports several special issues as publication opportunities:

  • Journal of Management Studies special issue on Strategic Leaders and Leadership in Entrepreneurial Contexts, Guest editors Zeki Simsek, Justin Jansen, Alessandro Minichilli, Alejandro Escriba-Esteve, Marta Geletkanycz, Deadline for submissions 1st June 2013: please contact Alessandro or Alejandro for further details.
  • Human Resource Management (Wiley) special issue on CEO Careers, Guest editors Yehuda Baruch, Burak Koyuncu and Monika Hamori, Deadline for submissions 30th September 2013: please contact Monika.Hamori@ie.edu for further details
  • Corporate Governance: An International Review special issue on Cross-national Perspectives on Ownership and Governance in Family Firms, Guest editors Ruth Aguilera, Chi-Nien Chung, Sanjay Goel, Gonzalo Jimenes and Till Talaulicar, Deadline for submissions 1st September 2013, please contact till.talaulicar@uni-erfurt.de for further details

Best Paper and Best Reviewer Awards

As in previous conferences, we will be making awards for Best Paper and Best Reviewer in the SIG. The nominated best papers will also be published in a special booklet which will be available to all SIG members.

Pre-conference programme and social event - 26 June 2013

Trends and challenges of doing research on the interface and interactions between actors at the apex of organizations

09:00 - 10:00

"Corporate Boards and Institutional Context: An Organizational Legitimacy Framework". Keynote speaker: Professor Igor Filatotchev (Sir John Cass Business School, City University London)

Prof. Filatotchev will focus on an interface between organizational actors and macro-institutions. The focus will be on the interactions between the CEO, board members and its impact on investor perceptions, but in different institutional contexts

10.00 – 10.30 Break

10.30 – 12.00

Panel: Trends, challenges and future avenues of research on the interface and interactions between actors at the apex of organisations


Dr. Alessandro Minichilli (Bocconi University). Prof. Minichilli will discuss some of the existing research on the interactions between Boards, TMTs and CEOs, focusing on the role of ownership in shaping those interactions within the specific context of family controlled firms.
Dr. Anneloes Raes (IESE). Prof. Raes will focus on the interaction between TMT and Middle Managers.

Social Dinner 26 June

Cafe Swiss @ Swissôtel The Bosphorus.

20.30 – 23.00 Dinner – Open Buffet.

Cafe Swiss is located on the 7th floor of the Swissôtel The Bosphorus. It takes approx. 15 minutes to arrive there by walking from the Istanbul Congress Centre. The Open Buffet includes Turkish mezzes, salad bars, cold selections, 9-10 kind of hot dishes like fish, chicken, beef, pasta, vegetables and really nice desserts. Vegetarian options are available upon request. We have booked tables in a nice terrace with views to the Bosphorus.

Price: Buffet Basic price (95TL). Each attendant will have the option to decide on site between two beverage options (soft drinks (+ 15 TL) or beer/wine (+45 TL)

Swissôtel The Bosphorus, Istanbul
Bayildim Caddesi No:2 | Macka, Istanbul 34357 | Turkey
Tel: +90 212 326 8268 | Fax: +90 212 326 2907

How to arrive to the hotel from the Congress Centre. http://goo.gl/maps/V8AFV

It is necessary to confirm attendance to the social dinner before June 7th. Please confirm your attendance to alejandro.escriba@uv.es

We look forward to see you again in Istanbul.

All the best,

The COGO SIG team.

Other SIG events

  • The Corporate Governance SIG organizes and supports a number of events, some regular and others ad hoc. The following are examples of current and forthcoming events:
  • Annual Norefjell Workshops on Boards and Value Creation (Norefjell 9th-13th January 2013 – contact Jonas.Gabrielsson@circle.lu.se or S.Machold@wlv.ac.uk )
  • EIASM workshops on corporate governance, family business and top management teams
  • Women on boards workshop (March 2013 – contact katrin.hansen@w-hs.de)
  • EDEN doctoral seminar on corporate governance
    If you are organizing any workshops or conferences related to the Corporate Governance SIG, please contact one of the SIG team members and we will help you publicize your event.

The SIG Team

Chair: Silke Machold (S.Machold@wlv.ac.uk)
SIG Chair-elect: Wim Voordeckers (wim.voordeckers@uhasselt.be)
SIG Program Chair: Pascual Berrone (PBerrone@iese.edu)
SIG Program Chair-elect: Alejando Escriba-Esteve (alejandro.escriba@uv.es)

Other officers:
Past chairs: Sibel Yamak, Alessandro Zattoni, Morten Huse
Representatives-at-large: Joan Enric Ricart, Hans van Ees

Contact Us

For further information about the program at EURAM2013, please contact the SIG program chair Pascual Berrone on PBerrone@iese.edu.


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