During the past decade, family business studies have advanced significantly but research still largely focuses on a limited number of topics and theory development requires ongoing attention. The European Academy of Management with an ad-hoc “Special Interest Group on Family Business Research” aims to be the ideal opportunity to assess the conceptual development, empirical research, and future direction of the family business field.

We envision this SIG about “Family Business Research” composed of four main tracks that will attract scholar contributions that provide new insights of topics that have received significant attention in the past, such as succession, professionalization, conflict, performance dimensions, family processes, and governance, as well as we especially encourage scholars to undertake innovative papers and discussions of topics that have not received much attention but are important in the field, such as family governance systems, relational governance, socioemotional wealth, the role of trust, the role of enterprising families, transgenerational entrepreneurship, innovation, internationalization, etc.

EURAM 2013 Istanbul (Turkey)

In Istanbul (EURAM 2013) we offer the following tracks:

23) Family Business Research – General Track
Invites contributions from all areas related to family business research that are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the FBR SIG.
Track Chairs: Thomas Markus Zellweger, Lorraine Uhlaner, Andrea Calabrò, Eddy Laveren

24) Entrepreneurship in Family Firms: an evolutionary and longitudinal perspective – Track (Cross-SIG Track with ENTREPRENEURSHIP SIG)
Invites papers which investigate to what degree entrepreneurship constructs are prolific in explaining business activities of family firms.
Track Chairs: Cristina Cruz, Jörn Hendrich Block, Chiara Morelli, Lucrezia Songini

25) Family Business Governance – Standing Track (Cross-SIG Track with COGO SIG)
Invites papers providing insights on types of ownership structures and governance systems, implications for the family system, role of non-family managers, relational governance, family councils, etc.
Track Chairs: Wim Voordeckers, Donata Mussolino, Jolien Huybrechts

26) Innovative Family Firms – Track
Invites papers that contribute to the theories of innovation by presenting the most recent research that examines, both theoretically and empirically, the differences in the way family and non-family firms manage innovation.
Track Chairs: Pramodita Sharma, Carlo Salvato, Alfredo De Massis, Federico Frattini

Other activities at EURAM 2013 will include:

• A pre-conference session focusing on “Socioemotional wealth as an emerging paradigm in Family Business Research” (keynote to be defined)
• SIG awards for Best Paper and Best Reviewer sponsored by Witten Institute for Family Business (Witten/Herdecke University, Germany)
• Publication of best papers in book
• A plenary session on SIG developments
• Opportunity to publish in special issues of journals:
- Corporate Governance: an International Review - Cross-National Perspectives on Ownership and Governance in Family Firms. Click here for further details.

The SIG Team

Chair: Cristina Cruz (
SIG Chair Elect: Andrea Calabrò (
SIG Programme Chair: Donata Mussolino (
SIG Programme Chair-Elect: Alfredo De Massis (

Other officers:
Treasurer: Mariangela Vecchiarini (Italy)
Secretary: Thilo Pukall (Germany)

For further details, please visit (website). Questions about the programme can be addressed to the FBR-SIG Programme Chair:
Donata Mussolino
Federico II University of Naples – ITALY
Via Cintia - Complesso Monte S. Angelo, Naples
Tel. (+39) 081-675066
Fax. (+39) 081669987


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