Welcome to the SIG Entrepreneurship!

Here is an overview of the specific activities that we have programmed for our Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group (E-ship SIG) and that we invite you warmly to attend :

- Pre-conference activity:

 June 26 th at 9.00-12.00, room: B3 Floor - 3B10

Description and aims
This year Entrepreneurship SIG wants to promote collaborations and idea sharing among its members and to such purpose it has organized a workshop open to all EURAM attendees, aimed at setting future road map for research of Entrepreneurship SIG gathering scholars around specific research interests.
The deliverables of this pre-conference are multiple:
1) Strengthening connections and relations inside Entrepreneurship SIG
2) Finding international partners for project, institutions for exchanges and colleagues for publications
3) Taking part to the future direction of Entrepreneurship SIG.

The pre-conference is organized into two sessions: 1) participants will be divided into small groups of people that share similar research interests. With the facilitation of one of ENT SIG officers, the group will discuss and compose possible research agenda and avenues for future collaborations and research; 2) single group discussion will be reported to the general audience and doing this will be structured more in details actions and programs to be undertaken. Yet some possible themes for next year SIG’s program and publication will be highlighted.

Interested people should return a short proposal to and no later than 19 of June 2013.


-  Social dinner of the E-ship SIG, on June 26 at 20.00.


The E-Ship Dinner has changed and merged with the OB dinner.

The Organizational Behavior SIG is pleased to invite you to its Social Event that will be held Wednesday June 26th at 20:00. We will get together to have a nice dinner at the Kosebasi Restaurant, which is close to the venue and serves Turkish traditional mezes and kebap, and it is located at Nisantasi District which is a popular place in Istanbul. Depending on the number of participants, the total price will vary between 30-40 euro max.

Please, if you want to join us for dinner, send an email to us by June 20th.

Best regards, Alessandro Hinna (OB SIG Program Chair).

Thank you for confirming attendance to the dinner as soon as possible to Lucrezia Songini ( or Tina Gruber-Muecke (


- First ENT SIG plenary

June 28 the at 11.00-12.30, B3 floor, room 3 B 89

Description and aims
This plenary, with representatives of the Entrepreneurship SIG, is devoted to presenting the Entrepreneurship SIG activities, special issues, publication opportunities, and to awarding the best paper, best PhD student’s paper, and best reviewer. We will have the pleasure to welcome Alejandro Escriba Esteve, Execcom member and EURAM 2014 Conference Chair.

 - Second ENT SIG plenary


The ENT SIG plenary originally planned for June 29th at 11.00 - 12.30, has been cancelled.

Looking forward to meeting you at one of these events!

Warm regards,

Claire Champenois, Hans Lundberg, Luca Gnan, Lucrezia Songini and Massimiliano Pellegrini

E-ship SIG officers



The purpose of the SIG Entrepreneurship is to develop an ongoing and constructive dialogue among entrepreneurship scholars to conduct research that is relevant for entrepreneurship theory and practice in the contemporary world. The SIG Entrepreneurship aims at promoting research and networking interests in individual and collaborative forms of entrepreneurship by providing a wide-ranging, engaged and internationally focused forum to discuss and develop research and practice in the field.

The SIG Entrepreneurship addresses aims to respond to the broadly acknowledged need within the European entrepreneurship research community for building accepted paradigms and theories within the various subfields of entrepreneurship, while still embracing entrepreneurial forms of organizing in all its diversity as well as novel ways of researching such organizing.

2013 Conference activities

Our agenda for EURAM 2013 in Istanbul includes the following tracks and activities:


16) Entrepreneurship General Track: which invites contributions from all areas related to entrepreneurship that are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the SIG, but in particular the following five sub-tracks:

a) Democratizing Senior-Entrepreneurship: Issues and Emerging Trends
b) Entrepreneurial Process, Social Capital and Social Networks
c) Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
d) External SME Business Transfers and Firm Acquisitions
e) Entrepreneurship & Aesthetics

17) Joint Track with SIG Organizational Behavior: Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship: New Research Directions

18) Joint Track with SIG Strategy and SIG Innovation: Business Model Innovation

19) Entrepreneurial Behaviour 

20) New Track: Entrepreneurship as an Engine for Societal Change

21) Standing Track: Entrepreneurship Education

22) Joint Track with Family Business SIG: Entrepreneurship in Family Firms: An Evolutionary and Longitudinal Perspective


• Contribution to the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium
• Special issues and publication opportunities
• Two meetings with the SIG Entrepreneurship members: a pre-conference and a plenary session
• Social networking activities (welcome dinner for the SIG Entrepreneurship members, etc.)

SIG Management

The SIG Entrepreneurship management is organized as follows:

  Role Email
Lucrezia Songini SIG Chair
Hans Lundberg Founding Chair / Past Chair
Luca Gnan Representative at large
Massimiliano Pelligrini Programme chair
Claire Champenois Programme chair elect
Tina Gruber-Muecke Event manager  tina.gruber-muecke

Feel free to contact any of us about anything of concern related to the SIG Entrepreneurship.

Looking forward to meet you in Istanbul!


The SIG Entrepreneurship Management


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