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The official language in Turkey is Turkish. However, English is widely spoken in major cities including Istanbul.

Weather in Istanbul

June is one of the most pleasant months in Istanbul. The weather during June is predominantly dry and sunny, with temperatures ranging between 25°C / 28°C during the day and 18°C / 23°C at night.

Time Zones

Turkey is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Driving Licence

Most international driver´s licences are recognised in Turkey. Car rental companies require a valid national or international licence. Remember to keep to the right-hand side of the road and wear your seat belt at all times.

Banks and Currency Exchange

In Turkey, the currency is the Turkish Lira (TL). Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport as well as at private exchange offices which can be found throughout the city and are open from 8:30 to 20:00 hrs. In addition, Traveller’s Cheques and Eurocheques can be cashed at the local banks which are open between 8:30 and 17:00 hrs. The major credit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard) are accepted in most Turkish restaurants and shops. Almost all national and international banks have ATMs (cash point machines) located throughout the city, and foreign debit and credit cards are accepted for cash withdrawal.


Turkey has three GSM operators, all of them offering 3G services and almost 95% coverage over the country. Internet service is available all around the country.

Health Services

Cities and major tourist towns in Turkey have a selection of private international and public hospitals with good standards.


The electric current is 220V AC with a frequency of 50 Hertz. European standard plugs with two round pins are used.


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