Organisational Behaviour

49) Organisational Behaviour - General Track

49a) Sub track: performance and control in information systems

50) Bridging Organisational Behaviour and Entrpreneurship: New research directions

51) Control, Identity and Resistance: Old and New Ways of Riding the Wave of Democracy in Organisations

52) Identity in Organisations: Challenges and Opportunities

53) Studying Corporate Social Responsibility Using a Micro OB Perspective: Relaunching Integrity Against Organised Hypocrisy

54) Work Motivation in the Public Sector: Exchanges with the Organisational Behaviour Field

The Special Interest Group encourages professional scholarship, dissemination of information, and fellowship among persons of similar academic and professional interest.

The purpose of the OB SIG is to develop an ongoing and constructive dialogue among organizational behavior scholars to conduct research that is relevant for management theory and practice in the contemporary world.
The OB SIG aims at promoting research and networking interests in the individual and group behavior in the organizational context by providing a wide-ranging, engaged and internationally-focused forum to discuss and develop research and practice in the field.

The domain statement of the OB SIG develops around a variety of papers on both well-established topics and in different new streams of research in public, private and no profit organizations, dealing with the study of attributes, processes, mechanism, behaviors, and outcomes within and between individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational levels of analysis.

SIG Conference activities

Our agenda for EURAM 2013 includes:

• A pre-conference session
• A pre-conference social event
• Participation in EURAM doctoral colloqium
• SIG awards for Best Paper and Best Reviewer
• Publication of best papers in book
• Special issue and book series
• A plenary session on SIG developments
• Opportunity to publish in special issues of journals

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